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Thread: Older hospital grade vs. new PIS

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    Default Older hospital grade vs. new PIS

    I'm using a 1997 Medela Lactina pump that I've borrowed from a lactation consultant friend. I know babies are more effective at removing milk than a pump, but I don't get that much milk when I pump. I usually get around 2 1/2 ounces, even after waiting a few hours. (And I know I make more than that, based on weighing my baby before and after nursing.) I'm wondering if I might be better off buying a new Pump in Style. Have any of you ever used both a hospital grade and the PIS, and if so, how do they compare?
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    Default Re: Older hospital grade vs. new PIS

    I use an ancient hospital grade Medela at work, and I have a PIS at home, and I have to say I like the hospital grade a lot better. It takes me a much shorter time to get more milk. I'm not sure if the particular model matters, but I think it might be a Medela classic that I use at work.

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    Default Re: Older hospital grade vs. new PIS

    Most Pump in Style pumps, especially the older ones, are made to be used for about 6mos (pumping 3x/day) before the motor wears out. So, your low output could be a direct result of the pump being old. Miniscule cracks can also appear in the plastic parts, lowering the suction.

    You may find much better results by either buying a new pump or renting one.
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    Default Re: Older hospital grade vs. new PIS

    I have a hospital grade Medela Symphony that I use at home and a PIS that I use when out and about. I get about two additional ounces using the Symphony over the PIS, and more than that when I use the PIS with the battery pack instead of plugging it in.
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    Default Re: Older hospital grade vs. new PIS

    A few thoughts come to mind....and please know I am no expert.

    1. If you know any moms who have a newer PIS and would be willing to let you try it for a session or two...that would be a great way to figure things out for you.

    2. My guess would be that hospital grade pumps were meant to last a long time. That being said, perhaps the one you have may have had a ton of use, and perhaps needs a "tune up" of some sort?

    3. I have a pump in style, and used a hospital grade pump once at a lactation specialist's office. Even though I used it one time, I knew I liked it a ton better. The lacation specialist pointed out that with the hospital grade pumps....there is actually a real "pump" so the suction is smoother, so to speak. With the PIS, there is a computer chip dictating the "pumping" so it's a more jerky pump. (I hope I'm explaining that ok). When I go back to work on Friday, they have a hospital grade pump there to use in the lactation room(It's a medela...I hope I can use the pump parts I have with my PIS there...but that's another question). I will let you know if I manage more/less or the same than I'm used to. Then again...depending on the day/time...I can get 2 or 4 ounces out of one breast. So, I think it fluxuates. My manager was pumping at work last year and said the hospital grade pump at work worked a ton faster than her PIS did. So, she loved using the one at work.

    Anyway, I hope all that rambling helps in some way. Good luck!
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