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    I have been breast feeding for 6 months without any problems. I had a 6 week early infant and he took right away. However, for the last month he has seemed to not want to feed from me a lot. I introduced solids at about 5 months. We only gave them to him maybe 5 times during the month and we also gave him formula from a bottle about 10 times.

    He has never wanted to really feed from the left breast but I always put him to it. The last week, he has not wanted to feed much from me. My left breast is sooo soft and not I think isn't making much milk. My right is still getting engordged when I go for a long time without feeding (through the night). I have tried to start feeding him again every 2-3 hours during the day on both breasts to make sure I am using both. We were giving him a bottle or two a day since he wasn't feeding from me but I have tried to stop doing that too.

    He also is only feeding for several minutes and then stops (hence why I have been supplementing).

    What could be going on with my left breast? Is it just not making the milk and that is why he isn't feeding well on that side? If I can get him to feed more on it, do you think it will start to fill up again? It almost seems like he is trying to ween already but I'm not ready.

    I need some suggestions because I at least want to feed in morning and at night. I am home with him during the day too though and will continue to feed as long as he will. I just am tired of being so lopsided. My right breast is much larger/fuller than the other because of the amount of the milk.

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    A lot of babies prefer one breast over the other, which can cause lower production in the less favored side. So some lopsidedness is quite common- really, the only women who have perfectly symmetrical breasts are the airbrushed models in magazines!

    It is okay to feed exclusively on one breast. Your baby will get enough milk from just one side.

    Dealing with the lopsidedness may be a bit of a challenge, but there are some things you can try. You could try putting your baby to the left side first at every nursing session, because most babies suck most aggressively and remove the most milk at the beginning of a feeding. The more milk you remove, the more you will make. But since your baby sounds as if he may possibly be losing some interest in the breast, I'm not sure I would follow this route. I'd probably just offer his favorite side in order to keep him nursing.

    Which brings me to suggestion #2: pump the left side. Pump every time your baby refuses the left side, and when he does take it, pump it anyway for at least 5 minutes when he's done. That should boost production and maybe even out the lopsidedness. And perhaps when there's more milk on the left side, your baby will become more interested in it.

    Definitely ditch the bottles. Supplementing with formula is a slippery slope to early weaning- every time you give a bottle, milk sits around in your breasts and your body gets the message "Not much demand- time to reduce supply!" If you feel you absolutely must give a bottle, make sure you pump while it's being given.

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