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Thread: Plugged duct ? mastitis, finicky toddler

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    Unhappy Plugged duct ? mastitis, finicky toddler

    It is the weekend and I am in pain. I have a plugged duct and I know all of the things you are suppose to do when you have one. Especially nursing often. However, I never never experienced a plugged duct with a toddler. He doesn't always nurse when I want him to. I have tried the heat, massage and shower. But LO just won't help!!! Any suggestions before I get in some real trouble?? Thanks, Amyand4

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    You can try gently massaging the spot, perhaps while you're in the shower. Expressing some milk may be helpful, too. Pumping if you have one, but hand expression should work fine, too.

    When your little one will nurse, try to point either his nose or chin directly at the spot. You should also stay well-hydrated, that can help to flush it out a bit.

    Examine what you're wearing and carrying, too. A bra that hits in the wrong spot can cause one or make one worse. Try to carry your baby and any bags on the other side, too, to avoid putting pressure on that spot.
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    Default Re: Plugged duct ? mastitis, finicky toddler

    Do you have access to a pump? If you pump you'll probably be able to relieve it. At worst your LO gets shorted on one nursing session (and hopefully takes it from a bottle), but at least you won't be heading for more trouble.

    I have the advantage of having twins, so when I used to get simple plugged ducts I'd put DS on it first. He is sooooo strong. I think I've read you're supposed to try and orient your child so his chin is adjacent to the plugged duct, and massage the duct toward the nipple when he nurses. Obviously not always practical. And it does hurt to massage it.

    In the last year+ my plugged ducts have usually been behind a milk bleb, a problem I never saw in our first year. Presumably you've been nursing some since this started. If it hasn't unplugged, consider a bleb as a possibility. (There's info on blebs elsewhere on the LLL site or at www.drjacknewman.com.)

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    Default Re: Plugged duct ? mastitis, finicky toddler

    I got a lot of plugged ducts after DS turned a year and would drastically cut his nursing if we weren't at home. What worked for me was to hand express at the end of a hot shower while massaging the duct.
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    Default Re: Plugged duct ? mastitis, finicky toddler

    my dd is 14 months and I just got a clogged duct too.... for the first time!

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