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Thread: Relactation?

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    You know, you might be onto something there!

    I had started taking some allergy medicine, in the late spring. and that is about about when I started havein supply issues.

    On another note.Baby latched on after I got off work, didn't stay there very lone because big brother and sister came running into the room, and she wanted down to play too(who wouldn't?) But she latched on enough that just after she let go. I felt the let down feeling pretty strong. I didn't have time to do anything about it(dinner time rush anyone?) at the time, but I may and try to pump tonight to see what I get. I will let you know!
    Hey the fenugeek, does that cause problems with people with athsma? I thought I had read that somewhere.

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    Yeah, the allergy medicine could have something to do with it, if you know the name I can look it up and see what's in it that's causing the drop. Perhaps you could talk with your dr if you need something again and try something else that won't hurt your supply.

    Awesome that you had that let down feeling!

    Yes there are concerns about mom's with asthma taking fenugreek -

    from The Nursing Mother's Herbal
    Using fenugreek may exacerbate existing asthma; mothers with asthma or allergic tendencies should avoid the powered forms, including capsules.
    From Medications and Mother's Milk (2008)
    Adult Concerns: Maple syrup odor in urine and sweat. Diarrhea, hypoglycemia, dyspnea (exaggeration of asthmatic symptoms). Once case of suspected GI bleeding in a premature infant has been reported. Two cases of fenugreek allergy have been reported.
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