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    Please help! I have a 5 week old son. Breast feeding has been going very well from the beginning (I have no idea how I got so lucky!) But recently, while he is feeding he will suddenly stop and start crying, and I mean screaming! Is anyone else experiencing this problem? What's going on?

    On another note regarding breast feeding, my son only feeds fr about 5 minutes on each side (for a total of approx 10 minutes). I have plenty of milk, so he isn't stopping because I've run out. I can't get him to eat for longer (I've tried talking to him, undressing him, burping him, etc. He seems to be full enough as he won't eat for another 2 - 4 hours. Should I be concerned?

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    I wouldn't be concerned with the length of time that your LO is nursing. They get more efficient as they get older. If he was still hungry, you'd know!

    As far as the screaming is concerned, it could be allergies (to something you're eating) or reflux. The fact that it's just happening now though would lead me to think allergies is more likely. Is there anything new in your diet?

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    You might want to look through these two links on overactive letdown and reflux , and see if anything looks familiar.

    So long as your baby is having adequate wet and dirty diapers, is growing in weight and length, meeting milestones, and seems generally happy and healthy, I do not think you have too much cause for concern. You and your baby are still both really new to breastfeeding, and it takes some time to figure it all out, and iron out the kinks! You're doing a great job, mama.

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    My baby has always been a fast eater. I would keep an eye on diaper output. As long as you are getting enough diapers, I wouldn't worry.

    I think the pp gave you some great advice. You could also read this page to see if you can find anything helpful about your baby's fussing. My guess would be a growth spurt or reflux. Is it everytime you nurse? SOme babies get fussy in the evenings.

    Keep up the good work Mama. You are doing the best thing for your LO.
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    Thank you very much for the info! I'm new to this forum and am grateful for all the of the resources. I'll keep at it and hopefully me and my LO will work things out!

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    My letdown is fast, and I have a lot of milk, and so my son's tummy gets filled up very quickly. I learned early on to never nurse without a pacifier in my hand, because he would get very very full (and uncomfortable), but still have a strong need to suckle. He would get so angry about the milk going into his tummy! So I started nursing him until he popped off mad, then gave him the pacifier and he relaxed into my body and "nursed" until that need had been met. He was also getting enough milk, like your little one, gaining lots of weight and not getting hungry again right away.

    That being said, he also has food sensitivity issues. But my mama intuition is that for him, it was frustration about needing to nurse but already being too full.

    Good luck! I know you guys will get it figured out!

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    This happened to me also with my 1st. I had an overactive let down and an oversupply of milk. My baby got frustrated. I fixed it by feeding one breast per feeding until my breasts adjusted and my oversupply went down. I also had a lactation consultant help me.

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