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Thread: Shield to breast..How?

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    I'm the mom of a 26weeker. We've been home for a month and up to 5lbs 13oz at 4 months old. When she started to breast feed the lactation consultant encouraged the use of a nipple shield to help her latch on. Now I cannot get rid of it. She refuses to latch on without it. Any suggestions?

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    Check this resource (regarding weaning from the sheild) out and let us know if it seems to be helpful

    You can also call a leader local to you for some on the phone advise as well
    Click here to find an LLL leader near you...or call 1 877 4 LA LECHE for help now.

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    We used a shield too for a little while. Have you tried letting her latch and feed for a while, so she's not so hungry, then slipping it off and seeing if she might latch then?

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    My daughter was a 35-weeker and we only manged to get latched using a nipple shield (about 3 weeks after she was born, before that only bottles). It took about a month to wean off it during the daytime and another almost 2 months to wean off it for nighttime feedings. There is lots of good advice on the kellymom link.

    What ended up working best for us was to hang out sort in sort of kangaroo style for several hours a few days in a row. So we sat on the couch me with no shirt or bra (but some towels around for leaking!) and her in just her diaper. And I would try to latch her anytime she indicated she wanted to suck, not just was hungry. After a couple hours I got her to do it once on day and from then on she did a little bit better each day. Once I got her latched on my nipple at all, I would try at every feeding, sometimes she would take it, sometimes I'd have to use the shield. Sometimes I'd used the shield and then try and take it off after a few minutes. Sometimes that worked, sometimes not. It took a good month until she was doing for all her daytime feedings. Mostly a lot of patience and trying not to be stressed out about it! But I hated that stupid shield!

    I was lazier with the nightime feedings and so that took a lot longer. I know a lot of people say that babies do it better when they're sleepy, my not my LO. I was always so engorged in the middle of the night that it was really hard for her to latch. Eventually I started trying harder and she got it.

    But now she's 5 1/2 months and has no problems and finishes eating in like 5-10 minutes! It's pretty amazing and I'm really glad we stuck it out

    Good luck!

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