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Thread: Preemie and Nipple Shield

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    I am the mom of a 26weeker. When we were in the hospital the lactation consultant encouraged the use of a nipple shield to help her latch on. Now we've been home for a month and she is still only wanting to breast feed with the nipple shield. She has such a strong suck that my nipple is all the way to the end of the shield during feedings, and at times this is painful. Any advice for weaning her of this? I've been offering her my nipple during most feedings. I've tried at the start, right after let down and towards the end of the feeding and nothing has worked. I've heard about taking a bath together. Is this the best way? Please help.

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    Congratulations on your baby

    If you are determined to wean from the NS, it can be done. Just start every feed with the shield, then after a minute or two (after the baby is still hungry enough to eat, but not starving), slip off the shield and offer just the nipple. Don't fight with the baby. If she starts to fuss, just put the shield back on and try again next nursing session. Is it possible you are using a nipple shield that is too small for your nipples? Try going up a size with the NS.

    Also, there is nothing wrong with using the NS if it is helping you and you are fine using it and baby is gaining weight. I used one for 6 months and then my DD was able to nurse fine without it. For us, it just happened. One day she started pulling it off and latching fine without it. GL!!

    ETA: Taking baths can help, as long as it is a relaxing time for both of you. Also, some people have taken a whole day to just lay around with baby and have lots of skin-to-skin. Often this is used for a baby who is not taking to the breast well or preffering a bottle, so it may help in this situation as well.
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    Hi I posted a link that you might find helpful on your other thread
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