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Thread: How many spoons of rice cereal?

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    Regarding the iron subject.. here's a link with more info - as without an explicit need for iron supplementation (ie testing that shows low iron/anemia) it shouldn't be a concern. The iron in formula is not as readily absorbed as that from BM.

    BM is the best source for iron...

    This quote comes from the above linked page.

    Healthy, full-term infants who are breastfed exclusively for periods of 6-9 months have been shown to maintain normal hemoglobin values and normal iron stores. In one of these studies, done by Pisacane in 1995, the researchers concluded that babies who were exclusively breastfed for 7 months (and were not give iron supplements or iron-fortified cereals) had significantly higher hemoglobin levels at one year than breastfed babies who received solid foods earlier than seven months. The researchers found no cases of anemia within the first year in babies breastfed exclusively for seven months and concluded that breastfeeding exclusively for seven months reduces the risk of anemia.

    The original recommendations for iron-fortified foods were based on a formula-fed baby's need for them and the fact that breastmilk contains less iron than formula (doctors didn't know then that the iron in breastmilk is absorbed much better). Also, a few babies do have lower iron stores and will need extra iron at some point in addition to what they are getting from solids (though this can often be remedied by making sure that solids are high in iron and vitamin C - see below).

    If mom or doctor is concerned about a baby's iron levels, have the doctor to do a blood test for hemoglobin.

    Some babies are exclusively breastfed for a year (and occasionally up to two years) with no problems at all. In addition, some doctors recommend that babies with a high risk for allergies be exclusively breastfed for a year.
    emphasis mine

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    At 6 months there are so many more fun and interesting foods to try, why limit yourself to rice cereal? You can try avocado, sweet potato, banana....

    It's just for fun at 6 months, so take things slow and I would start with once a day on solids. Just a teaspoon or two is all you need at that age.

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*jipjip View Post
    My 6.5 month just had his 1st 2 meals of rice cereal. I have read some info on web and from books - but i still dont know how many spoons of rice cereal and approx how much breastmilk i should mix together to feed him? any idea? and my understanding is that he will then take rice cereal for 1 meal and we skip 1 feeding a day.... and so on and on, right?
    I just started my baby on rice as well. We put one to 2 spoons of rice and I add breast milk until I find a consistency that works for us. Also my doc said to keep nursing him the same as before. So I guess its what ever you and your baby are comfortable with. I hope that helps some ; )

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