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Thread: No time to pump at work

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    Help!! I work evenings on an acute inpatient psychiatric unit. I am trying to fit in at least 2 pumpings, but it is a struggle. I rarely even have time to take a full 30 minute lunch. I am noticing that my supply is decreasing and we are out of stored milk. I'm only able to pump about 5 oz each time. Dad is giving 1 or 2 formula bottles depending on what I was able to produce the night before. LO (8 weeks) co-sleeps and nurses off and on all night so I can get a little rest. Then nurses about every 2 hours during the day until I leave. How can I possibly increase the amount or frequency that I pump?

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    What kind of pump are you using? Sometimes, upgrading to a better pump means that more milk comes out in less time. There are also new pumps on the market that appear to be less bulky, and may allow you a little more freedom while you pump.

    While you are pumping, you could try doing breast compressions, to help the milk come out.

    To provide extra milk for baby, you can also try pumping more at home. Especially in the middle of the night and first thing in the morning, many mothers find that their milk supply is higher. You can pump after baby eats, or pump one side while baby nurses on the other.

    Some medications can reduce your milk supply, especially hormonal birth control. Many mothers hold off on hormonal BC until their baby is older.

    There are things you can try to increase your supply, too. This FAQ has some good ideas to get you started. http://www.llli.org/FAQ/pumpwork.html
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