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Thread: Is your toddler a good eater?

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    Default Is your toddler a good eater?

    I am just curious if other's lo's are the same... my dd is almost 14 months. She still nurses 5-7 times in 24 hours. She isn't that great of an eater... its not really that she is picky- some days she will eat spagetti until she is blue in the face and other days she won't touch it so I never know what she likes. But at least once a day she won't eat a meal at all.... usually breakfast. She is still nursing plenty so I know she gets what she needs I just thought she would really be into solids at this point.....
    She likes to spit food out or throw food on the floor...
    Just share what your toddlers eating behaviors are like. THanks

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    Default Re: Is your toddler a good eater?

    My DD is 26 months, so she has been eating 3 meals a day for a year now. But sometimes she will only take a few bites. Last night she wouldn't eat her dinner at all. I used to worry that if she hadn't eaten before bed, she wouldn't sleep well. I've realized, though, (with her anyway) that it doesn't have any effect on her sleeping.

    This week, she has decided that she only wants to eat bread and butter. It has been difficult to get her to eat much of anything else. I guess its normal toddler behavior, whether you nurse or not.

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    Default Re: Is your toddler a good eater?

    My DD is almost 20 mos, and she still nurses for quite a bit of her calories. It ebbs and flows with teething, illness, etc. I can say she has gradually increased the amount of solids that she eats over time. I have found this to be very helpful in gauging how much my LO "should" be eating. Also, if you're up for a great read, check out My Child Won't Eat by Carlos Gonzalez, M.D. It was very eye-opening for me in terms of what LOs food needs really are vs. what society tells us we should feed them (an overweight society, I might add!)

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    Default Re: Is your toddler a good eater?

    My son is two and half and IMO he's a great eater. We did BLS and he''s been at 3meals a day plus snack since 12 months. There are times when he doesn't eat much. The meal he eats the least of is dinner usually.
    I have been very diligent about always offering him a ton of food choices. Since we moved into the two meal a day stage I have always made sure there 3-5 things on his plate to choose from so that even if he rejects food he still is eating.
    I also don't allow the family to get into food ruts or fall back too heavily on any few favorite meals or snacks. We rotate everything and I have worked to make sure he gets to try and eat things that I don't necessarily like. Or have even tried before having a child. We feed him quinoa and barley as to not be using rice all the time. We feed him tofu. Even though I never liked it he does.
    When he doesn't want to eat something, we respect it, as long as he will taste it, even if he liked it last week. We never have less than 4 or 5 different kinds of fresh fruit and usually 2-3 kinds of veggies that can be eaten raw and incorporated into meals or snacks.
    There is no pressure in my house around meal time. After breakfast if there is more than 1/2 his food left, I move his plate to the coffee table in the living room and it usually disappears by lunch time. If he wants down at dinner before we are done, he is allowed to get down anr rin around and play and then come back to it later.
    If you need help or ideas for foods, or how to mix things up or add new things to the mix, come down to the feeding your family board. There are many of us who post there daily what we are feeding our children for breakfast,lunch snacks and dinner. You will get plenty of ideas about food and people sharing recipes ect. Happy feeding.

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    Default Re: Is your toddler a good eater?

    Want to know what my kid was like at 14 months, kmama? Just read your own post over again, because my daughter was exactly the same. Just be patient, and offer healthy foods. Don't succumb (as I did) to the temptation to offer a cookie just so your baby will eat something.

    My kid is now almost 29 months old, and is a very good eater. Okay, she wants ketchup on everything, but other than that she's got a decent diet.

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    Default Re: Is your toddler a good eater?

    We have our good days and bad days, but most are good. Some days she doesn't eat much, but she isn't picky. I pretty much let her choose her meals, as long as her choices are healthy . I pretty much agree with everything djs.mom said, and we have followed this route as well.

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    Default Re: Is your toddler a good eater?

    We're pretty much the same as Shelly but we do allow food ruts by request. He ate two pounds of blueberries in under a week. This is on top of the plums, mango, pineapple, grapes, watermelon, and various other fruits he eats. I've noticed that he will let me know his preferences. And he does go a few days on light meals, which stresses me out because he is skinny. But I make sure the foods that he does eat are healthy and full of nutrients. I try to have him eat an egg at least every other day. He eats avocado almost daily. He has a whole milk yogurt smoothie every day. It might seem like a food rut, but he really likes it. He asks for his smoothie after nap without fail. And he actually knows the ingredients we need to make it. Having him as an active participant in food choice and prep makes a difference I think.

    I will say we allow some treats. Last night he had an ice cream bar for the first time. He calls it "Pock-o-Pop" (popsicle). I will never forget the look on his face as he bit into it and realized it was ice cream!! He kept saying "Pock-o-Pop??! ICE CREAM?!" Up to now he'd only had frozen yogurt tubes and real fruit freezies. He asked for another one this morning but it gave us the opportunity to talk about treats vs. healthy snacks. And he had pineapple and cheese instead. I believe that its important to teach our children to make healthy choices, not just tell them what they can and cannot eat, kwim?

    Oh, another thing I've noticed lately. He wants to have food in the exact form that we do. He no longer wants his plum cut into pieces that he can eat with a fork. He wants a WHOLE plum. He's almost 20 months and wants to do everything all by himself. So by allowing him that freedom, its really helped with meal-time battles.
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    Default Re: Is your toddler a good eater?

    My 14 month old i pretty much the same as yours. She eats when ever she feels like it. She is only nursing 3 times a day now and she still eats the same as a month ago when she nursed 6 to 8 times a day. I do offer her milk in a cup now, because I am pregnant I am not making as much milk. I offer 3 meals and 2 or 3 snacks. Somedays it seems like it isn't enough but other days she doesn't come close to touching it. Just make food a none issue and offer it. She is getting most of what she needs from you and what a wonderful gift you are giving
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    Default Re: Is your toddler a good eater?

    My son is 17 months and eats frequently, but not a lot at a time. I do home daycare and I have two other toddlers in care - all three are within a month in age - and it's amazing the variation in what they eat. The one guy eats a small lunch and one snack, my son grazes all day and couldn't care less if he ever sees a meal and the other little girl eats at least as much as I do, if not more. They are all a healthy weight and normal development. Toddlers are usually very good at eating when they are hungry and not eating if they are not, unlike adults who tend to eat by the clock or just because it's 'there'. As long as you're offering nutritious food, you can let your LO decide how much of it to eat.

    Also, my second son was a picky toddler and I remember thinking he was NEVER going to eat anything but peas, and then *poof* one day he just ate everything we ate and it's been like that ever since (he's 6).

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    Default Re: Is your toddler a good eater?

    My 19 month olds eat great, most of the time. My 4 year old, not so much. Our pediatrician gave me great advice: "You decide what goes on her plate, she decides how much she eats, if anything." Sure enough, the stress went way down at meal time. When she is growing, or more active, she eats more. When she's not, she eats less.
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