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Thread: poop - or a lack there of.

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    Default poop - or a lack there of.


    so, my dd is 6 weeks old. she's always had plenty of poopy and wet diapers until maybe a week or so ago. i wasn't too concerned because i know that her habits will change as she gets older, but i'm starting to get a little worried because i've noticed that she's not pooping the amount that she normally would when she does poop (sorry to be gross) - at least a few times a day, she seems to have just little tiny amounts of poop in the diaper (dime-size) and just now after i thought she had a normal bowel movement finally, there wasn't very much in the diaper at all. she's fed exclusively EBM and my diet hasn't changed from when i first had her. i'm just worried because she's been super fussy these past few days and nothing i do seems to calm her down once she gets going.

    i am going to try to change my diet a bit, but in the mean-time is there anything that i can do to ease her pooping troubles? or is this even something that i should be concerned about?

    i was planning on calling the pediatrician on monday, but is it something i should call this weekend about?

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    Default Re: poop - or a lack there of.

    HI. No you don't need to be worried at all. It's actually not a "pooping trouble". A breastfed child does not get constipated. And can actually go up to two weeks with NO bowel movement and no cause for concern. I understand that it's hard to believe especially after your new born has been pooping every time they eat. But as the digestive tract matures this a very normal occurrence. There will usually be a change in the color and consistency as well that is no cause for concern. The look and color of peanut butter.
    So just relax. It's fine. Your baby is not constipated, not having "trouble going" and not in any pain as a result of no poop. They just often don't go for days , often over a week and in more than afew cases I've know of here as long as 10 and 14days is not unheard of. The 1st time it happened to me, on day five, when my Pedi told me AGAIN it was nothing to worry about, I asked "well when should I start to worry?" She said "don't even call me back about it until after day nine." I'm lucky that she is somewhat educated in regards to breastfed children. I have heard of doctors that don't know any better recommending suppositories to move things along.
    Don't worry all is normal.

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    Default Re: poop - or a lack there of.

    djs.mom said it well. What you're describing sounds very normal. And when your baby does finally go poo, watch out for that! It's often messier than normal.

    Six weeks is also about the time that growth spurts happen, so watch for her wanting to eat more often.
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    Default Re: poop - or a lack there of.

    Yep totally normal. I got a little freaked out with DS 2 for the same reason (esp since his older brother was a several times a day guy forever). So be advised your next LO may have completely different bowel habits.

    Re: fussiness...could be oh so many things. 6 weeks is a good time for colic to start so hope you are not heading down that road. I found comfort nursing helped a lot with the fussiness (but not at all with the housework ). Had many days with DS 2 where he would cry the minute he was off the breast. Also found success with extra burping & tummy rubbing.

    Hang in there...life will be so much easier by the time you hit 3 months!!
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