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Thread: No blisters but sore nipples

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    Default No blisters but sore nipples

    Hi everyone! My DS is few days short of 4 weeks and I've been breastfeeding him exclusively since day one. In the first week I had sore nipples (blisters, red and raw, but no crack) but it healed in the 2nd week. However, my nipples are still sore until now when rubbed against clothes or towel. For this reason, I cannot go braless or not using breast pads and I have to gently pat them after shower. Is this normal? Will they become 'numb' eventually?

    I believe DS' latch is correct as I only feel a bit pain for few seconds when he starts latching, and no pain after that.

    Any input is appreciated

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    Default Re: No blisters but sore nipples

    Definitely re-check your latch....in the mean time try putting some breast milk on and letting them air out as much as you can. Lanolin helps, too.

    Is My Baby Latched on Well?
    When latching on your baby, use your nipple to tickle the center of your baby's bottom lip. This will encourage him to open his mouth wide (like he is yawning). Aim your nipple slightly towards the roof of his mouth, bringing baby to you, chin first.

    Good latch-on checkpoints for your baby include:

    his nose is nearly touching your breast, that is, no further away than a credit card edge
    his lips are flanged
    at least ½ inch of your breast around the base of your nipple is in his mouth.
    If the latch is uncomfortable or painful, gently place your finger in the baby's mouth, between his gums, to detach him and try again.

    A baby who is offered the breast will suck without swallowing as he positions the nipple in his mouth and tells your breast he is ready for the milk to let down. When he begins to receive milk, you will see his jaw working all the way back to his ear. His temples will wiggle. You will also hear him swallowing, quickly at first, then more slowly, as his appetite is satisfied.
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    If you are having that much pain then something isn't right. I don't think it should be sore even when they initially latch on. The first few days may be sore b/c your breast tissue is stretching, but the soreness should go away after the first few days. Check the position and the way baby is latching. Your lo may not be putting enough breast tissue inside his mouth. You may want to look into some different techniques to improve his latch. Here are a few tips on proper positioning and latching. Good luck and I hope your soreness goes away!
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    Chrizzle & Tracy,

    Thanks for your input! From what I observe, seems that my nipple is big for DS' mouth so latching technique chin-first is difficult

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