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Thread: pumping every 3 hours for 3 weeks now

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    use the gray bar at the top to find a local LLL leader

    Pick choose a country
    and then pull down your state

    You can always call the !-800 number also.

    good luck

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    Yes, yes, yes! I promise that you CAN get your baby to the breast full time. My baby was a NICU baby and he was trained on the bottle. When he left the NICU at 25 days old, he was VERY weak to BF. He would fall asleep all the time. But, as he got stronger, he got better. It took me 4 weeks to wean him off the bottles and get him onto the breast. Now, he won't even take a bottle. LOL! Just have a lot of patience...your baby will get there too!

    I am so happy to see that I can finally give someone some good hope! I totally know what you are going through. You can PM me if you need anything.

    You are doing the BEST thing for your baby by giving him the best start.
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    Hi There
    Great going. I have been down this road. I know for a fact you deserve your gold medal. If ever you feel in doubt look at all the reasons breastmilk is good for your baby. Your LO will be smarter and healthier and so so much more. Your body is still recovering and it feels hard, but you start to catch up on sleep and LO will get stronger. She/he has alot of catch up to do. My LO was born 3 weeks early measuring 3 weeks small with iugr. 4.11oz. He was given a bottle and pacifier before he got me. We were in the ncu for 3 days with jaundice and the sleepy baby wont eat thing.He is now 3months 3 weeks, 10 lb 3 oz. We have been to the lc 5 times for feed and weigh but we dont perform well under pressure so I am going to rent a scale as soon as I can figure out where. There are times we do completely breastfeed and times we dont. My LC told me a month ago I could go 4 hours one time at night in between pumpings and make it up during the day by pumping a 2 hours between session. I think my supply was a little more established by then. Things that helped:
    -I made a hands free pumping bra, got the directions off of kellymom. That way I could bottlefeed or do internet or drive and pump at the same time.
    -I got a medical grade pump for home, rental, and own a pump in style for travel. I also got a plug in for the car lighter. I can actually go places now.
    I delayed going back to work until LO was 6 weeks past gestational age.
    -Husband, friends, relatives have helped with household duties. This is the same amount of work as feeding twins right now. It wont always be.
    -I found I have one slow flow breast and one quick flow. When litttler he feed off the slow flow easier than the quick flow. Now he will only eat the quick flow.
    -I have a let down issue, so I try to make things as easy as possible by using a warm washcloth first, then massage, and hand express to get things going for him.. That way he doesnt wear out before the milk flows.
    -He does do the arch scream thing 5-7 min after a feeding. Ive found out this means "I need to burp" or "Im full/tired/etc".
    He will now eat from breast at night and rarely needs bottle after. I feel braver to try this now becasue he isnt so sleepy he wont eat anymore. Its been 3 weeks like this. I am getting more sleep. If I feed him breast or bottle in bed he stays asleep so Im not spending time trying to coax him to sleep too.
    Sometimes I do get a bottle free feeding during the day. If he wont eat that way, dont force him to though, he should always have fun at the breast. Do lots of kangaroo care and bath:/sleep together (safely). The more closeness, the better.
    -My lc told me first years breastflow bottles make their mouths work like being on the breast. It helps the transition better and helps develop the right muscles. They were too big to use for 1 1/2 months. slow flow nipples wore him out.

    Our iugr situation has been so complex and embraces many different issues. I have read a lot about breastfeeding. I now know more than my friends who are feeding their second child -The blessing of this situation is a freezer full of milk and could probably help others out when I am a little more confident about my supply.
    I know there is more, but Ive done my 20 min of pumping and must sleep.

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