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Thread: Fussy nursing.

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    Unhappy Fussy nursing.

    Hi all. I scoured the forums and can't find an answer so I am posting to see if anyone else has any insight.
    My son is just a few days over 1 month old and the last 2 days he has been "fighting" the breast. He latches on great and sucks for a few minutes then detaches then latches and does this a few times then starts crying and searches for the breast the latches, sucks a couple times...rinse and repeat. He does this for a few minutes then I burp him and he will latch on again and he might do it twice more or so then he will be fine and finish.
    Now I have looked into the forceful let down and whatnot but that doesn't sound (but correct me if I am wrong please) like what I have. I can feel let down initially, well most of the time, and it isn't right after this that he starts, he seems to keep up with let down. There are times he will detach and breath and then get back on and is fine but...
    Another thing it seems to be worse on one side than the other.
    Now it does seem to me that he is nursing just a little less than before. He used to nurse every hour on the hour but not so much anymore, so when he does get hungry (I feed on demand...hmm on demand, I sound like a cable commercial! ) I am usually pretty full and real firm..not painfully so just to where I know he needs to eat before I get real uncomfortable. This happens at night too, the firmness not the crying. He doesn't fight at night, he nurses and then goes to sleep, it seems to be only in the day.
    I hope you all can understand this, I feel like I am rambling but I just want him to be comfortable and happy at the breast not distressed.
    Any information would be great! Thank you!

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    Default Re: Fussy nursing.

    Have you see this resource? It offers a few explainations you may not have thought of... let us know if nothing rings out.

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    Smile Re: Fussy nursing.

    Wow thank you for that link....I have been on Kellymom before but there is so much info I can't always find something! I am definitely take the advise there. Lots of awesome info! I feel better already. Thank you again!

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