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Thread: Painkillers and Nursing

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    Default Painkillers and Nursing

    This morning I went to the emergency room only to find out that I have kidney stones...OUCH! My problem is that they gave me painkillers...Dilauid. They also sent me home with a prescription for Percocet. The ER doctor told me that I would have to pump and dump for a couple of days. So far I haven't taken any Percocet...and had two doses of the Dilauid. I don't think I have enough milk stored to give him frozen for the next two days so I'm going to have to give him formula...which he's never had. Does anyone have any advice or experience with this? How long do I have to wait after painkillers to nurse again. It kills me to pump and dump!! I called my pedi and am waiting for him to call back but I figured I would check in here as well. Thanks for any advice. (My LO is 6 months old.)

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    There are a couple of sites I go to when I need info about medications--Dr. Hale's site had this (and maybe more; this was the first post I saw) about Percocet for kidney stones--scroll down a bit to find it.

    You can also go to www.kellymom.com and look under the "Is this ok while breastfeeding?"(or something like that lol) section. I'll post if I find anything else. Hope you feel better!

    I went to kellymom and found this:


    I hope it helps! It looks like the Vicodin is not recommended, if I read it right.
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    Great resources given above, you can also call a local leader and they should be able to give you the information from Dr Hales book.
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    I have never had Dilaudid, but I was on both Percocet and Vicodin in the hospital after having my son and all dr.'s as well as lactation said that it was ok

    I had my lac. consultant check the Hale book as well and both Percocet and Vicodin were listed as ok for use while breastfeeding.

    And I feel you with the kidney stones! I had the after pregnancy too!
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    Oops -- I just realized that I didn't post Dr. Hale's address -- sorry


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