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Thread: Scraping the nipple with her teeth

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    Unhappy Scraping the nipple with her teeth

    My daughter 11 months has started scrapping my nipple with her teeth when she is unlatching. Usually it's when she's not too happy about unlatching. Like when I'm stopping her from pulling something of the table when nursing, or stopping her from pinching, or when she's asleep and I try to un-latch her. My right nipple is getting quiet sore. Has anyone else gone through this? We are both just getting over thrush and she is currently getting her top two teeth she wants to constantly nurse especially while she sleeps, but this is killing me.

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    oo mama that does hurt!

    She's probably just getting used to her teeth being there, so you may have to stick a finger way in there and pop her off if you can.
    You can also tell her, "please don't do that, it hurts mommy" and let her know that it's not something you want her to do. Show her how to be genital and pop off for you, encourage her when she pops off nicely for you!

    This will probably be something that passes soon, a cold compress might help you with the soreness.
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