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Thread: Jealous of SAHD

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*mollyb View Post
    There's only so much time in a day. For example, we've started having a high school girl come over 1 or 2 mornings a week so DH can work on his internet business.
    We've started doing this too, so he can have a break and get things like yardwork and laundry done without toddler "assistance". It's made a world of difference for them both.

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    Are you jealous of his time with your DD or wishing he would do more housework? Both valid - just different problems.

    For us, it helped to separate the parenting from the housework. There's no obvious reason that the person who does the primary parenting also does the laundry. But the laundry has to get done and you have to agree to some division of labor on that.

    DH does help with the housework but he does very little of it when I'm at work. Usually, he's helping with laundry, cooking, etc. once I'm home in the evening or on the weekends when I'm around to help with the kids. That means usually when I get home the house looks like a tornado hit it (did I mention we have three kids under 4?). I used to get annoyed but now I understand that he's not cleaning because he's actually doing things with the kids all day long - truly, he has boundless energy for imaginary games, field trips, etc.

    In terms of wanting more time with DD, I have nothing but on that. It's certainly tough but like some previous posters said, it always helped me to know that they were with the best caregiver - next to me, of course.

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