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    Unhappy Advice Needed

    Two things. The first is that my husband works for United Airlines and in September, he is going to be laid off. I was thinking of going to work instead of him because I can get a better job. I am worried about how I will handle leaving my little ones (one is 2 the other is 7 months). How did you guys handle it? Whats it feel like? Also, I am bfing my 7 mo old and I am unsure how that is going to work. The job in question is being a corrections officer for the state of Colorado. I got this job once when I was bfing my other child but found out that there would not be time during the day to pump (COs are exempt from lunch time and breaks), however, I have a very big stash of milk. I am worried because this milk is a couple of months old. I guess I am just worried ! Sorry for the semi-long rant, just having a tough time here thanks to really bad management at UA!
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    you'll figure everything out...
    many mothers with babies that age nurse when they are together and
    use suppliments for when they are appart.

    you could try to pump before you left for work.
    lots of things you can try!


    I'm sorry your hubby is loosing his job, who knows maybe another will come quicker then you all think!

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