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Thread: Is my baby ready for solids

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    Default Is my baby ready for solids

    DD2 is turning 5 months today, she has been exclusively breastfed all along. However, how do I know if she is ready for solids. The ped said at her 4mo check up that she will be fine without anything else until 6 months. I am not in a rush to introduce solids, but she is giving me signs that she is ready.

    DD was born in week 42, she was 10.5lbs and all of her develpments have been very fast. She is alredy sitting up pretty tight, she puts everything in he mouth, when she sees me eating something she wants it in her mouth and it seems that she is eating more often. She was sleeping the night from 8pm to 6am on her own, (i never let her CIO) but the past few nights she has been waking up at 4, and she feeds then as well.

    I suppose the 6 month mark is an average, when do I know she is really ready? I love the easiness of her feeding right now, no need to bring anything else but baby and breast, but if she is ready I guess I should start regarless of her not being 6 months.

    Thoughts please.

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    Default Re: Is my baby ready for solids

    You don't NEED to offer anything but your breast for the first 12 months if you don't want to.

    If they are sitting up well unassisted, have a pincer grasp, no tongue thrust, and have an interest, then they are ready to explore soft foods. There is no need to do puree's.

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    Default Re: Is my baby ready for solids

    If she'd like something to eat while you guys are eating, you could try doing momcicles. That's just frozen breastmilk, then serve it in a spoon or in a mesh feeder.
    Also getting her a plate, cup and spoon to play with at dinner time might keep her occupied.
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