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Thread: refreezing partially melted untouched BM

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    Unhappy refreezing partially melted untouched BM

    Hi, I've a query and would appreciate some advice.

    While I was out my MIL started to defrost a bottle of breastmilk by immersing it in a cup of hot water. However just as she was getting started, my baby fell asleep, so she quickly took the bottle out of the hot water. The milk had melted just a little on the outside and was still frozen on inside, she claimed it looked like about 10 percent had melted. The rest of milk was still frozen hard. Due to this situation, she deemed it fine to put it back in the freezer even with the 10 percent melted. She says its ok as not much had melted and it should be quite safe.

    I'm not very sure to agree with her or not. So, is it ok???
    Is my milk still gonna be ok for my baby to drink next time??
    How many days should i risk keeping it in freezer???
    Really appreciate any advice.

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    Default Re: refreezing partially melted untouched BM


    heres a page with the guidelines.

    It it was still mostly frozen it should be ok.

    but if your uncomforable using the milk pitch it.

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    Default Re: refreezing partially melted untouched BM

    This is just me, but *I* would thaw it the next time EBM is needed and smell it to make sure it's ok. If it smells fine I would use it.

    I think Andrea's right. It should be fine.
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    Default Re: refreezing partially melted untouched BM

    If it was just thawed along the side of the bottle then it's probably ok. Just use it first out of the freezer and smell it to be sure that it's ok.
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