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    My lo has boogers in both of his nostrils and he can barely breathe through his nose. But they are so deep inside the nose I can’t get them out. I also tried saline drops but with no luck. It is so difficult to nurse him since he can’t breathe. I am hoping someone out there has similar situation and can give me some advice. Thanks!

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    did you try a bulb syringe? the hospital should have sent one home with you. if not you can pick one up at the drug store.
    also, is your lo sick? if so you can try running a cool mist humidifier.
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    I use saline drops combined with a bulb syringe - the saline drops soften things up and the bulb syringe suck things out

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    Dropping a little breastmilk in there might help clear things up! It also goes down the throat a little better than the saline.

    Hope your little one feels better soon!!
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