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Thread: pushing away while eating

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    Default pushing away while eating

    My 4-month-old has started causing me a lot of pain while she's eating. She latches on fine and starts eating right away. But then she puts one of her palms against my chest and the other against my side and straightens her arms while she's eating. This causes her to pull on my nipple until she pulls it right out of her mouth. Then she latches right back on and proceeds to push herself away from me again. I've tried holding her hand so that she can't push against me, but I haven't found a way to control the other arm. Does anybody have any ideas about why she might be doing this and what I can do?

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    Default Re: pushing away while eating

    this sounds like my lo when she turns her head while still attached. I have found that a necklace works to keep her distracted and hands occupied. hth

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    Default Re: pushing away while eating

    Sometimes they do this just because they can!
    Other times something is going on. Is this happening all the time (day and night) also does it seem to be happening before/after or during a letdown?
    Sometimes they get a little frustrated with letdown, so massaging your breast during the time she pulls away could help if that's the issue.
    Either way try keeping a pinky ready to unlatch her when she does it, then when she's ready latch her back on.
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    She only does it during the day. I'm not sure that she does it because of distractions, but I haven't tested the theory. It is nearly impossible to try to find a quiet place to nurse during the day because I have a 2 year old also.

    She doesn't seem to get frustrated with letdown -- that comes very quickly for her. She starts pushing away as soon as she's latched on, but continues even after letdown occurs.

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    Default Re: pushing away while eating

    My LO recently went through a phase of doing this. It lasted for a couple of weeks. Sometimes by the end of the day my nipples would be irritated from all the stretching.

    Thankfully, like almost everything she does, it was just a phase. Now we're on to pinching the boob, hair-pulling and sticking her hand in my mouth while nursing - almost as fun.

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    Default Re: pushing away while eating

    sometimes tweaking how you hold them helps with the pulling off...

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    My 4-month old has done this & I've found that either she really isn't hungry or she wants to play. Oddly enough, it is funny & we end up making a game out of it - where I put my nipple in her mouth & then pull it away before she latches on. After a few laughs, if she's hungry, she'll really latch on & eat.

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    Default Re: pushing away while eating

    Hi All,

    I was JUST about to post this same topic when I read this. My 6 month old DD has been doing this for at least 2 months now. She does it with her hands too but even if I control the pushing off with them she will pull her head back to get the same effect. I've been thinking about stretching feeding times longer to see if being hungrier will make a difference because I'm at my wits end with it mostly due to pain but when I'm really in a bad sleep deprived state (like lately) I have little tolerance for it which makes me feel TERRIBLE.

    If anyone wants to email me privately about this feel free. I'd love to continue the dialogue. I"m desperate for a solution.

    Nicole (mommy to Marina)

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