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Thread: night pumping.

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    Default night pumping.

    i'm just wondering if all of you EPers pump 24 hours a day or if you just pump during the day.

    i got a little excited when i read the article on this site:
    that said some women can go through the night without pumping.

    for those of you that do not pump at night, how were you able to get to that point?

    for the past 4 days or so, i've cut out one pump session (the one that's usually around 5AM). and i feel bad, but at night, i look forward to when she wakes up to eat around then because i know i can just change her, heat up her bottle, feed her and go back to bed with her instead of having the additional task of pumping.

    i was thinking that i would stick with leaving that session out for this week and then next week try cutting out an additional session.

    my supply is great - i get between 5-10 oz each session. and i know that cutting out night-time pumping will most likely affect my supply, but my freezer is jammed packed with milk right now, so i wouldn't mind pumping a little less than i do now.

    i dunno, i guess it's just trial and error? if it doesn't work out, i will definitely go back to pumping all day and night, but i just thought it was worth a shot after reading that article.

    side note - where can i buy bigger flanges for my medela pump? i'm having a bit of discomfort when i pump, so i was going to see if that was my issue, but i'm not sure where i can pick them up.

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    Default Re: night pumping.

    I EP and I have never pumped at night (however, DD used to nurse at night). The morning pump will be the last one I give up b/c it is the one I get the most milk from b/c I've gone 9 hrs. without pumping.
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    Default Re: night pumping.

    Target sells the Medela flanges.
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    Default Re: night pumping.

    I don't pump at night. I did in the beginning, but once my supply was well established, I started only pumping 6 times a day. It sounds like you are pumping plenty of milk now. Now I pump at 5:30am (that's when I have to get ready for work), then 9:30am, 1:30pm, 5pm, 8pm and 10pm. On weekends when I sleep in I can go up to 11 hours without pumping, but I do notice when I do that I pump a little less than on a normal day. When I started pumping fewer sessions, I would just pump more at each session, so it worked out to the same amount. Since my son is almost 10 months, I'm considering cutting back sessions because he's on more solids now and I pump WAY more than I need as it is and donate a lot. I have been clearing out my giant freezer stash and donating it to the milk bank.

    ETA: If you cut back, just make sure you do it gradually to give your body time to get used to going longer periods. Good luck!
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    Default Re: night pumping.

    I don't pump at night. I would normally take baby in bed with me and feed him during the night but now I want to feed him only once in the night so I wake up around 5 am to feed him in his room instead. I noticed that after I have been feeding him only once in the night for about 4 days, my milk supply is down because when I woke up at 5 am this morning, my breasts were less full than usual. But I feed him about every 2 hours during the day to keep the supply going.

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    Default Re: night pumping.

    My last night pump is around 9pm and then I don't pump again until the LO needs to eat - around 3am. It's only a six hour stretch but it makes the biggest difference in the amount of sleep I get and my attitude. I have not seen a reduction in milk produced by going that stretch since I waited until my milk was well-established before dropping the other night time pumping. Pumping seems much more manageable long-term going every four hours during the day and only pumping once at night.

    And, once LO is sleeping through the night, I'll work towards dropping the night pumping, too.
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