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    Unhappy Stuck

    Well I think i am stuck at 16 oz The most i got out was 16 1/2 oz and that was a few days ago. I have been getting 16oz a day.

    Anyone else have this problem?
    Is this all i will be able to make?
    Maybe if i pump more do u think i can make more?
    I would really like to make 18-24oz a day
    Kristina Jeremiah since 2-18-1998
    Mother to
    Gavin 1-03 Nursed 2.5mo
    Keean 5-04 BCLP
    Alexis 12-06 Nursed 12mo THEN
    Relactated after 5mo(due to her dairy intol.) and ended up making 30oz a day
    Now we are Weaned! AGAIN!
    Kason 6-2-10
    Birth..8 lbs 5.9 oz
    4 wks.... 10 lbs 12 oz
    9 wks.... 13 lbs 14 oz
    15wks... 16 lbs 4 oz
    17wks... 17 lbs 2 oz
    6 mo..... 19 lbs 6 oz
    7 mo .....20 lbs 3 oz

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    You've gone zero to 16 oz in two months, is that right? Congratulations on that achievement!

    If you want to produce more milk, you can certainly try increasing the frequency and/or length of your pumping sessions.
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