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    Smile fenugreek

    Well I started taking fenugreek yesterday and I have not had any adverse effects. I know it takes a few days for the fenugreek to start working but it has a funny side effect; my armpits smell like maple syrup and so does my urine lol. Anyway, I'll keep you guys updated on my milk production over the next few days! Hopefully it goes up dramatically!!! Wish me luck
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    thats a good sign....
    good luck!

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    Thats Great!
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    So positive news! I'm getting sprays now, no longer just drips. I'm still not getting more than a half ounce if even that much but its sprays! I'm so excited! Thanks guys for all of your support, I can't wait til I have more news to share!

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    it is totally normal to smell like that. it means you have enough in your system. Keep it up.

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