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Thread: Interesting article on breastfed babies and solids

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    Default Interesting article on breastfed babies and solids

    Hi all. There's an interesting article about breastfeeding and solids in today's Guardian.

    "Scientists have discovered another reason why breast is best. Already associated with increased intelligence, greater social mobility and protection against ill health, breastfeeding may also help babies develop a more sophisticated palate."

    Here's the link to the full article:


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    Default Re: Interesting article on breastfed babies and solids

    That's cool. I think I've heard that before. The owner of an indian restaurant we went to up in Maryland told us that his daughter ate lots of spicy food when she was pregnant and when she was breast feeding, and the baby had no problem eating spicy foods when she turned one.

    I also read an article where they did a study with pregnant women. They had the mothers drink carrot juice when they were pregnant and then offered cereal mixed with carrot juice when the babies were older. When I was pregnant I used to eat a lot of melon and DS used to really start kicking when I ate it. Now, if one of us sits down to eat a bowl of melon he comes over and starts bugging us. He doesn't act like that about any other food!

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