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Thread: Breastfeeding is not going well, please help

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    Thank you for your applause! I have to say that tonight at the 7:00 feeding Rory latched right on, sucked vigorously for 3-4 minutes, pulled off, screamed bloody murder for about a minute, fell sound asleep, woke up quietly after about a minute, latched on, and sucked vigorously again. Total time from start to finish? 18 minutes. Total milk comsumption? 4.6 ounces! This whole BF journey has been challenging, fun, frustrating, gratifying, etc. I know that I am giving Rory the best. Even if she gets a bottle of pumped breastmilk from time to time. It's still milk, right? I just need to learn to not base my mood on whether or not nursing is going well. I believe my LC used the words, "You need to calm down." I'm trying. I won't ever give up. I always thought that I'd wean at around a year. If everything is going well, Rory can decide when she's done (okay, within reason). I want as much time for us to enjoy one another as possible!

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    Hang in there Mama. I know it is frustrating but just remeber any amount of bm you can give your lo is great.

    When I first started pumping I only produced very small amounts but now at 3 months pp make 4-8 ounces. My 2 cents are this. Try warm compresses to your breasts for a few minutes before you breastfeed or pump, breast massage (should not hurt but still firm compression) and lastly relax. I know easier said than done when you are worried you aren't making enough ontop of squeezing your boobs till they are sore but seriously relax as much as possible. I find 5 minutes before I quit I tip my head back, take some deep breathes, close my eyes and imagine that I am holding and bf-ing my little one. I even rock usually as though I am rocking her. I do this for 5 minutes while pumping and usually get another let down. While you feel the suction on your nipple imagine it is your little one suckling and getting all the good nutrients they need. It really works for me. I fel silly at first but after starting this is when my production went up.
    HTH keep up the good work. Be confident, it will work out in the end.
    Theresa with moby wrapmy little so I can work too
    13mos and counting

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