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Thread: The Teething Wonder

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    Cooper has been nursing a bit more than usual at night. That is usually the only time he nurses anymore, sometimes when he wakes up from his nap during the day but mostly at night. I didnt think anything of it, b/c it doesnt bother me to not get sleep i'm used to it. But for kicks, i stuck my finger in his mouth and was suprised to feel his 2nd year molars are coming in! Two are broken through the gums. The kid is 18 months old, and I have never had any problems with his teething. i call him the teething wonder, b/c he pretty much had all 4 of his first molars in before i saw any of the typical teething symptoms (yucky poop, drooling) He never complains really, except for increased nursing.
    So, any other mommas that have had their kids 2nd year molars come in this early? At this age, do you give them pain relief for their gums? He is drooling and is putting his fingers in his mouth, but will take them out when i ask him too. He is too old for any sort of teething toy right? He seems fine, but wants to chew on his fingers and I dont want him to take up biting things for relief (chair, my leg...)
    TIA and sorry for the long post

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    K does the same thing with her fingers. Teething toy was short lived. Just more nursing and the fingerchewing.

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    Rielly-Anne got her 2 year molars early too. She was nursing more and chewing on her fingers. She doesn't use teething toys but I've found two things that work really well.

    The first is kinda silly - I washed out an infants pain relief bottle, the kind with the rubber medicine dropper that screwes right into the bottle. She likes to carry that around and chew on the top.

    And the second is a couple of infant/toddler toothbrushes. She likes to chew on them when she's teething, and as a plus it helps keep her teeth clean.

    Sometimes I give her pain medicine at night if it's very obvious that she's in pain, but usually she gets by without it.

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