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Thread: Snacking?

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    Not sure what my LO is doing but I'll call it snacking. Normally, he'll usually finish one side and then feed on the other side for a few minutes. If all is well, he'll nap after a diaper change until his next feeding which has been roughly 2 - 3 hours later. In the last 3 days, he'll have what seems like a normal feeding but then he'll stay awake and "snack" on and off for 2 hours. When he finally does nap, he'll nap right through to the next feeding or wake up right on time to eat his regular meal.

    I've been feeding on demand for almost 2 weeks now, but I'm not sure if I should wake him or let him sleep. The snacks never amount to what a normal feeding feels like since he'll drink for a minute or less and he's doing it once or twice a day. Diaper output is still normal.

    Is this normal for a baby reacting to something I ate? Is this something I should talk to the pediatrician about? I've eliminated certain foods to see if it'll get better. I don't think it's a growth spurt since he did the feeding every hour bit last week!!

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    Sounds like either growth or just learning to stay awake longer. I would say ride it out. It doesn't soudn like a food issue or anything along those lines. Remember there is a growth spurt at 3 weeks! MY ds would do similiar things here and there and sometimes it was just his way of creating a new "schedule" for himself! Good luck!

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    I agree with Kelly, keep doing what your doing and this will probably be something that resolves itself.
    In these early weeks, anything goes! Since babies breastfeed and mommy's don't, it's almost always better to let them tell you when to nurse. Usually there is a reason for it, although sometimes we don't know or never figure it out.
    If diapers are ok, he's not fussy, no constant inconsoable crying, it might just be a normal pattern for him.
    If he's sleeping longer stretches it's ok to let him sleep, you just want to keep an eye on those diapers. Maybe he's tanking up for a longer nighttime?

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    It doesn't even sound to me like it needs resolving. It sounds like his eating patterns are changing. The one thing you don't want to do, is count on anything to stay the same with infants. Everything in the way of eating and sleeping is in constant flux. As long as out put is good. you are fine. You need to learn to trust your child and your body. Your baby will eat to hunger and your body willl produce to satiate said hunger. Bring him to the breast as often as he wants to eat. It's ok if it changes his eating patterns. He's going to fop that all year long.
    Oh and FTR I wouldn't wake a sleeping baby. A sleeping baby isn't hungry. A hungry baby will wake to eat.

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    I doesn't sound like there is a real problem, as long as diaper output is good. My dd lived on the breast literally for like 4 months! She never had an actual "meal" she just nursed for a few minutes at a time, every 10 - 15 minutes, around the clock. So I think you are doing a fine job! Try to just go with the flow, and not worry to much about it.

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