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Thread: night weaning age?

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    Default night weaning age?

    what age did you see a reduction in night feedings? Did you try to encourage sleeping thru the night?
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    Default Re: night weaning age?

    IMO its not about the age its about the development. My son fought night-weaning horribly when he was teething. We backed off, waited til all his eye teeth and first molars were in, and it worked! The magic "age" was 16 months.
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    Default Re: night weaning age?

    I agree with Lyn - developmental stage is more important than age. For us it was 18 months. He nightweaned fairly easily (there was some crying, but only the first night) and I know it wouldn't have been so easy earlier. We started nursing again at night when his last molars came in & he got sick between 20-22 months, but we were able to nightwean again easily once he was feeling better. And he sometimes sleeps through the night now.
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    Default Re: night weaning age?

    I tried by Dr. Jay Gordon method when ds was 25 months old... he had been nursing 3-5 times per night every night since birth. From reading others expereinces I thought we might be in for a struggle. I was pleasantly surprised. He whined a little bit but there was NO CRYING whatsoever. I didn't talk to him about it ahead of time or anything, just tried it one night when I had the courage. He's done great for a few weeks now. I'll still nurse prior to bed whenever that is and then start again when it's light out, generally after 6. If he wakes, we just cuddle a bit and then he's all good. We're thinking to transition him to his own twin bed in the coming week (still keep him in our room though).

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    Default Re: night weaning age?

    I night weaned Kate at 15 months, but it was out of desperation. I was in my 2nd trimester with Norah and could not function with the night waking anymore.

    I keep threatening to do it when Norah is a year old, but the closer that gets the more I feel like she's not ready.

    Honestly, if she'd nurse and go back to sleep, I'd be willing to let her night nurse for much longer, but she wants to wake up completely for hours in the middle of the night and I can barely make it through the next day.
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    Default Re: night weaning age?

    I agree with PP's that it's about development rather than age. I just night-weaned my daughter 2 weeks ago - she was 18 1/2 months. I felt that she was ready because she is able to understand when I tell her she can nurse in a minute, or when we get in the car, etc. and is generally able to wait with gentle reminders, so I felt like she would understand "we don't nurse in mommy and daddy's bed until the sun comes up." So what I did was play "sleep/awake" games with her during the daytimes so she would understand when I say "mommy's milk is sleeping and will wake up when the sun comes up." Those are the only two things I say to her when she asks for milk during the no nurse hours, which were 12am to 6pm to start and are now 10:30pm to 6am. I do nurse her right before the no nurse time though. The first night, she cried for 15 minutes the first time while I did everything else to comfort her, but once I put on a really high-neck shirt (I thought I had a high enough neck shirt on, but she was clawing at me) she laid down and went to sleep next to me. The next time she woke up, she cried for 7 minutes and then laid back down next to me. Since then, she's hardly cried at all, less than a minute and not every night. I do have a sippy cup of water available though, and sometimes she'll drink from it and other times she doesn't. Oh, another sign I saw that led me to believe she was ready was she was nursing frequently through the night, but only for a few seconds/minutes at a time.

    Anyways, you will feel when it's right for you and your little one. Good luck!
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    Default Re: night weaning age?

    I'm night-weaning DD right now (she's 18 mo.) and so far it is going really well. I agree that this age seems to be a really good window for most toddlers.
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    Default Re: night weaning age?

    I tried the Dr GOrdon method at around 14-15 mo ... didn't work. He was clearly not ready. We tried again at 18 mo... it 'worked' in 1 night.
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    Default Re: night weaning age?

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*jaimy.h View Post
    what age did you see a reduction in night feedings? Did you try to encourage sleeping thru the night?
    My DD1 had cut herself down to 1 feeding per night (usually between 2 and 5 a.m.) by 20 months, and I actively nightweaned her from that last nighttime feeding when she was 21 months old. I don't think she would have been ready any earlier. Just a few months before that she was still up 2-3 times at night, sometimes more.


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    Default Re: night weaning age?

    Both DDs night weaned completely around 9 months - it just happened really - we were lucky I suppose. We started getting 6 hr stretches with both around 4-5 months and then longer and longer.

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