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Thread: Mesh Feeder ?

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    Default Mesh Feeder ?

    I was just curious...
    What are your thoughts on the feeder?
    What are the best foods to put in the feeder?
    When do you introduce the feeder in the introducing solids process?

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    Default Re: Mesh Feeder ?

    We loved ours. We didn't use it a lot, but it was very handy for the times we did. We usually put canteloupe, apple, watermelon, etc. in it. When he first started solids and loved banana and avocado together, but couldn't pick them up because of the slickness (we tried coating them in crushed O's but he didn't like that), the feeder was great--we could put a little banana and a little avocado in and he could easily manage it. I will say, though, that banana is probably the worst thing to try to clean out of it (that we tried).

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    Default Re: Mesh Feeder ?

    the only thing I put in ours is an ice cube when she is teething (although we have been teething a while and still don't have any teeth)!
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    Default Re: Mesh Feeder ?

    we don't have a dish washer so I skipped one with my dd..
    my older kids they didn't have such a thing.

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    Default Re: Mesh Feeder ?

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    Default Re: Mesh Feeder ?

    My thoughts are...

    Do what YOU want to do. If you are curious...try it. If your kid likes it and you are comfortable with it...WHO am I to say that its bad or wrong?

    So...give it a whirl. We put frozen peaches in ours, banana, strawberries, canteloupe...just about anything you can think of, we tried. We didn't use it a lot...but like Paula said...the times we did use it, we really liked it!
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    Default Re: Mesh Feeder ?

    We used it at restaurants instead of at home. It kept him busy and kept the floor relatively clean.
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    Default Re: Mesh Feeder ?

    We only used one for "mom-scicles" of frozen breastmilk when DS was teething.
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    Default Re: Mesh Feeder ?

    DD is teething so sometimes I'll put a little chunk of frozen banana in ours... but we just recently started trying that. She goes crazy for it.

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    Default Re: Mesh Feeder ?

    Thanks for the link to the previous posts, only.woman.in.the.house. I didn't realize there was any controversy about the feeders. I also thought they were choke-proof. Does anyone have anymore info about them as choking hazards?

    We used our mesh feeder for momsicles when dd was teething, so it seemed only natural to put a banana into it when she'd turned six months and was frantic for our food to see how she'd do with it. She's also had avocado, rice, and chicken in it.

    I've also given her fry sized pieces of banana to gum on, carrot sticks, cheerios... The day before yesterday she choked on a cheerio which was pretty scary. We were at a restaurant and she was strapped into a high chair when she started choking. MIL freaked out and tried to pull her straight up out of the high chair without unsnapping her first. The chair banged into the table, dd yelped with fright and dislodged the cheerio. All's well that ends well! But now I'm scared about choking.

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