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    Hello all, I am new here and would welcome any feedback you could offer.
    I have a few concerns regarding my 1 year old daughter:
    -She won't EAT solid foods, only chew and/or suck on them and then spit them out.
    -She will only eat pureed foods, which she has been refusing the last few days, she won't let me feed her at all.
    -She also won't use her sippy cup.
    Anyone else have experience with these behaviours? Any advice/input would be welcome!
    Thanks so much.
    Tay Lyn

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    I remember DD doing the "no sippy cup at all" routine at around that age. I just kept it where she could get it if she wanted. I didn't force the issue. If she was thirsty, she would drink. I didn't worry since she always had a good number of wet diapers. I tried a different kind of cup and that helped. I got one with Elmo on it. She picked it out at the store and she liked it. She used it more than the old sippy. You might want to try a new cup or a straw cup.
    DD had a texture issue that really reared it's head at about 11 months. If it had any kind of texture to it that she didn't like, she wouldn't eat it. We did go back to puree for a few months along with keeping the texture item available at mealtime also.
    I've seen other moms talk about this, and I think it's a thing that occurs around the one year mark.
    At that age a lot is occuring: possibly teething, walking and or perfecting that skill, language development, etc. All these things can affect their behavior with eating also, not just with their sleep like we usually correlate things with.
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    DD won't eeven use a sippy....she uses a straw
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    all normal!

    Are you still nursing?

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    No, not nursing anymore, I stopped nursing around 6 months and she did great with bottles and baby food. But suddenly, all she wants is her bottles. She refuses anything else. Along with her formula bottles, I am giving her homo milk with yogurt bottles to make sure she gets some sustenance. She is quite happy and having wet diapers, so she isn't suffering from not eating, but I am quite worried about WHY she isn't eating. I am however hearing from lots of Mom's that, as meantioned earlier in this post, all kinds of things affect eating behaviour. I guess I just wait and see?

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    My DD hardly touched solid foods until she was about 14-15 months old. Until the age of 1 year, breastmilk or formula meets all your baby's nutritional needs. The transition from needing only mama's milk or formula to needing lots of solid foods is gradual, so don't be surprised if your baby is well into her second year of life before becoming interested in solids. Just let her play and taste and experiment. One of these days she will get interested and start swallowing her solids.

    The fact that she's not eating when you spoon-feed her makes me wonder if she could be teething. Lots of babies cut down on solids when their gums are bothering them.

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    My 18 month old will only use the soft spout sippies...such as the Nuby ones. Other than that he's all about the straws. As for food, the only things I can get him to swallow are meat & fruit, the rest gets spit out. There are a few exceptions like he'll eat a quesadilla IF there's chicken in it so I try to sneak spinach into it and he'll eat soups so we do lots of tomato soup with other things puree'd into it. Before he was 1 he ate EVERYTHING I'd give him, he seemed to LOVE vegetables. I bet this is just a phase. Have you tried letting her feed herself with a fork or a spoon? I found that my LO is more likely to eat something if I let him do it himself...no matter how messy it is.
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    I do give Savannah a little fork and spoon and put pureed food on her tray, but mostly she smushes it around and plays with it only. I have decided to stop fretting about it. I was worrying myself day and night and it wasn't doing me any good...imagine that! So I've decided to just go with the flow (for now), knowing she is getting what she needs from her bottles.

    Thanks so much to everyone for your input, it is so comforting to have others relate. My husband and I were in our late 30's when we had Savannah a year ago, and all of our friends with kids had theirs many years ago, so I have no friends who are going through 'baby stuff' right now. And when I ask them questions, they all seem to forget a lot of the little things their babies went through. So it is so nice to have found a place where I can relate to others. I'll be sure to stick around as I am pregnant with our second and will surely need much more input with both babies!

    Thanks again everyone!

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    from my understanding, if using formula solids ARE very important. be back with a link

    ETA - I can't seem to find the link

    oh well, maybe I'm wrong.

    good luck mama
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