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Thread: Why can't I get my DS to the breast??

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    Default Why can't I get my DS to the breast??

    Okay, so I've been reading some success stories and I just can't figure out why I can't get DS to the breast. He's been bottle fed for 4 months. He is starting to kinda 'root' again (he tried to eat his greatgrandmas shirt today, right around her nipple area, lol) but he still refuses the breast! I think it could be me as I don't know how to old him. We haven't nursed since he was 2 days old (At least he got SOME colostrum, right??). I am trying to relactate and I know that if I could just get him to the breast, my supply would jump. Even comfort nursing...

    I can't bring myself to take away his paci... The one LC I talked to told me to take away his paci's and his bottles and feed him with a cup or a dropper. I can't imagine doing that! He needs his paci to sleep and right now, he won't take me... I don't want him to be miserable... He's a HUGE comfort sucker and I really wish I could get him to latch... Course, he would probably be attached to me 90% of the day but I can handle that (it's called wrap 'em and go!, lol!)

    Any advice on getting him to my breast? I've tried the SNS but he just won't have any of the breast (literally!)... Will a boppy help me with holding him or will it hinder even more?



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    Default Re: Why can't I get my DS to the breast??

    My son stopped nursing at 3 weeks when we started supplementing. When I tried very hard to get him to nurse, he completely rejected the breast. When I calmed down a little, he began to go back to it. Skin to skin contact helped a lot too. Today he will suckle (comfort nurse) at least a few times each day, but I exclusively pump for him.(He's 3 1/2 months.) I think you can def get your son to comfort nurse, and see where things go from there. Just calmy offer it each time, esp after feeding him when he's not hungry but might want to suckle. Good luck!

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