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Thread: Should I be having DD practice with a cup more?

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    Default Should I be having DD practice with a cup more?

    DD is turning 1 next week (gasp!). She loves her nubby straw cup and will sip water from it. Since I have been home full time the past month she's gotten all her BM straight from the tap. I go back to work in a few weeks and she'll return to daycare. I have a pretty good stash of frozen BM and I'd like to start to introduce cow's milk. Should I ditch the bottle when she goes back to DC and just try the straw cup? Should I be trying to get her used to a regular cup? We've tried a few times, but end up going to the straw because it's just less messy. All of a sudden I'm feeling like a bad mama for not spending more time using a cup seeing as I've been home with her so much.
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    Default Re: Should I be having DD practice with a cup more?

    Maybe I'm the exception, but my 15 month old is no where near being able to use a cup by himself. He can drink if I hold it, but I just think he's too young. (If you give him a cup, he just wants to pour the water out and he doesn't understand why I won't let him do that.) I don't think most one year olds are using a cup, but I could be wrong. I think a sippy/straw cup would be fine. As far as bottle, that's up to you. My son still gets a bottle at night with dad to go to sleep, but that's the only one. It's definitely whatever you're comfortable with.
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