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Thread: Mistaken for a HOTDOG! (ouch)

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    Default Mistaken for a HOTDOG! (ouch)

    We were at a picnic today with another ~25 families. For the first time while out amongst other people, DS wanted to nurse. (I think the kids are normally too distracted by eveyone around them to nurse.) We were doing fine until DD decided she wanted to nurse, too. If I hadn't been sitting under the shelter at a picnic table this wouldn't have been an issue. However, it's a wee bit awkward to arrange two 27 month olds while facing a table, especially with one child already latched on. Anyway, while doing this, DS must have remembered he had a piece of a hotdog in his hand and went to take a bite. AaaaaAAAAACK! I got chomped! He'd forgotten to unlatch first.

    Took a few moments to collect myself. I do not "hide" when I NIP, but I also don't advertise that I am nursing. The shriek (mine) did not help, but we got through it. Am guessing it was the first time that most had seen someone nursing a toddler -- err, two of them at once, and with the abrupt interuption, they may have seen a little more than they'd bargained for.

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    Default Re: Mistaken for a HOTDOG! (ouch)

    Sounds like a picnic no-one will soon forget! I'm sorry you got bitten. Ouch!

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    Default Re: Mistaken for a HOTDOG! (ouch)

    Ouch!! I hope your ok!
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    Default Re: Mistaken for a HOTDOG! (ouch)

    I hope you feel better soon and on still nursing your twins at 27 month old babies

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    Default Re: Mistaken for a HOTDOG! (ouch)

    Ouch, at least it was your lo that forgot and mistook you for a hotdog. When I read the title i was thinking someone else mistook you for a hotdog
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