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Thread: playdoh-like poop?

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    Default playdoh-like poop?

    Hi - not sure where to post this question, but it's a weird question reoop and solid food.
    Lately my son's poop are no longer liquidy as before he started eating solid food. It is now like the texture of playdoh. Is this normal? He's eating about 6 tablespoons of pureed food each day and still nursing about 8 times a day.

    It's just that I've never seen poop like this from him and don't know if it's something to worry about?

    Has any of your kids emitted this kind of poop - playdoh-ish consistensy? It's not pellit-like or hard, just doughyish......


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    Default Re: playdoh-like poop?

    Sounds normal to me.

    Kimberly Mommy to Landin and Avery


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    Default Re: playdoh-like poop?

    totally normal! I actually did the same comparison when DS started with this "new" poo... I had alway seen 'peanut butter' comprisons, but play-doh seemed much more matching to me, so now I see i'm not alone!
    enjoy your new adventure with foods!
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