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Thread: "strange habits" to my other kids

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    Question "strange habits" to my other kids

    Hi my LO is almost 15 months old. I intend to nurse him until he weans himself. He doesn't nurse a lot, mostly at night or for comfort. He spends a lot of his night rubbing my nipple. He does take a pacifier and will often use that at night and rub my nipple to sleep. I have let him do this and haven't had any problem with it. The other day my 11 yo who is used to me nursing my LO as all of my children are saw my LO who had been nursing cuddling with me and rubbing my nipple as he does. He says "what is he doing mom? That is weird!!!". Does any of your LO's have this habit and what do you tell others. (I mean close family, its not like I let him do this to me in the mall or something.) Thanks Amyand4

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    My LO likes to do this as well She will do it when latched on and I have heard that this makes the milk flow faster for her -she stimulates the opposite nipple/breast. She also does it, if she gets the opportunity when she is not latched on. Now most of the time - it is right before she latches, so it is probably related to her figuring how to make the milk flow faster.

    I am going to ask my pedi when we go for her nine month appointment & see what she says.

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    There are a lot of "twiddlers" out there. It's totally normal, and as long as you are okay with it, it's not a problem. Check out this beautiful video for some beautiful shots of nursing/twiddling babies. If I remember correctly, it's a breastfeeding promotion commercial from Puerto Rico.

    If I had a twiddler, I'd just tell my family that it's a normal part of nursing. Some kids just like to play with their food!

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    I have a twiddler too! My DS is 15 months and eats one and plays with one. I am home most of the time with him so he nurses on demand, which is still 6-8 times a day. The only problem I run into is that when we NIP he still wants to play too. At home I can "let it all hang out" (and I have an 11 yo too...) but in public it is harder to stay covered with him wanting to play.

    Godd job momma on nursing your 15 mo old!

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    My 20 month old is a big time twiddler. I let him caress them at home, but when we are out and about it is hard because he tries to lift my shirt, and hold onto the other breast while nursing on one. My breasts are his loveys, and he always has his hands on them for comfort/love. Maybe you could explain to your 11y.o. that nursing is more than nourishment, it also provides a sense of comfort...and yes, s/he will outgrow it.

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