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Thread: Baby doesn't like fruit?

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    Default Baby doesn't like fruit?

    I introduced cereal (rice) and veggies to my DS at 6 months. He eats once a day the rest is BF. On hot days he won't eat as well so I don't push it. I've been trying to introduce some fruits now and DS seems not to like any of teh fruits I've tried so far. I managed to get him to accept apples but only if they're cold ( I think he likes it for his teething), pears we tried today, I think I may manage to convince him, bananas resulted in him wincing and gagging. Any tips/tricks?

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    Default Re: Baby doesn't like fruit?

    I think fruits can be more tart than veggies. We mix rice cereal, breast milk, and then a fruit (apples, plums, peaches, etc). The breast milk makes it especially sweet.

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    Default Re: Baby doesn't like fruit?

    It sounds like you're offering small pieces of most of these fruits. Have you tried mashing them up? Also, mixing new foods with old familiar favourites (breast milk, cereal, whatever you baby likes) and then gradually increasing the proportion of the new food will help a baby get used to it.
    Don't worry, things will work out. My first baby refused to eat green beans (one of the few foods she ever turned down as an infant) but by the time she was two green beans had become one of her favourite foods. Granted, she prefers them cold and straight out of a tin... but at least she eats them!

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    Default Re: Baby doesn't like fruit?

    I don't like bananas either
    Maybe it was just to mushed up for him?
    YOu know you can split a bananna into 3 qual parts if you just roll it a little?
    it makes a perfect triangle!
    Try some bite size peices he can chew, small ones..
    My kids gaged on lots of things if they got to much, thats a good thing it keeps them alive. Nothing more scary then a choking baby! both for baby and momma.


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