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Thread: Frustrated with pumping...ready to quit

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    My son is 10 months old. For the last 6 months I have pumped once a day at night before bed. (I know it's not the best time but if I did it during the day he acted like there wasn't enough left for him). I've always gotten 3-4 oz. per pumping session, which was fine since he only gets a couple of bottles a week. In the last month the amount I get has gone down to less than 1 oz total from both sides. The most frustrating thing is that if I hand express after pumping I can still get quite a bit out. Any suggestions on how to increase the amount while pumping, since there's obviously more in there? If it doesn't get better, I'm just going to quit. Seems like a waste of time to get so little. Thanks.

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    The first thing that I wonder is if something has gone wrong with your pump. Assuming that you haven't begun any medications and that you're not pregnant or expecting your period, then I'd look first to the pump. Are all the parts in good shape? Any cracks? How old are the membranes? If they are warped or have even the tiniest of holes, then suction is affected.

    If all with the pump is in working order, then I'd wonder about your letdown. Have you tried massage before and during to help? Some posts have suggested a warm bath before to help, too.

    If you're able to hand express, could you hand express instead of pumping?
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    I know it is frustrating but don't quit! It will get better.

    I generally have a very good supply, and when it dips low I get so discouraged and frustrated I just want to cry! Then I try to remember that stress can cause dips too, so I try and relax...I know it is hard!

    A couple things that I have done was warm compresses and light massage before pumping. And I also up the water intake by crazy amounts. I will drink about 3 liters just while I am at work. If this doesn't bring the supply back up (and remember it can take a couple days to see results) then I use Fenugreek for a few days until the supply has come back up to a higher level. I have heard about moms that stay on Fenugreek but my lac. consultant said that once your supply has boosted there is no need to keep taking it if you are pumping/nursing regularly.

    I hope maybe some of these while work for you. Keep it up mama!
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