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Thread: I think he's really done....

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    I missed this somehow...

    Just wanted to let you know we're here for you through ALL your pregnancy changes- hormonal, physical and otherwise!
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    It is my understanding that a sudden drop in feedings, or weaning itself, can cause some serious hormonal things that closely resemble PPD. It might be contributing to how you feel.

    I know it happened with us. AK lost interest really fast. She went from nursing 7-8 times a day to about 2, sometimes less. We stuck with the 2 feedings (nap and bedtime) for several weeks but I always initiated them. I was experiencing some serious hormonal changes because it was so drastic for us, and this paired with the awful side effects I was having from my IUD made me seriously feel like I was about to lose my grip. It is why I went ahead weaned Audrey. Thankfully it didn't seem to phase her a bit. Anyway, just thought I would throw that in there. Maybe it will help some.

    Hang in there. You are a great mom Lyn. Whatever happens, D will be okay, and so will you!

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