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Thread: not wanting any solids

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    Default not wanting any solids

    Ok So my son was having all the signs that he was ready to start solids. He turned 6 months old and the pedi said I could start once a day if we wanted but that it wasn't a problem if we don't. He doesn't want anything to do with food now. All these babies in his daycare and that I see out and about are eating no problem. He is almost 8 months old and wants nothing of it. I just need reassurance that everything is ok. Just seems odd to me.

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    Yup, all is fine. My son is 2 weeks away from his 1 year birthday, and still has days when he refuses any solids at all. He didn't even get any real interest until probably 10 months, and even so it is rare that he would eat a full 4 ounces in one sitting. I just figure my milk is so darn good that those solids can't compare!

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    Everything is fine. My pediatrician says that until age 1, solids are just for experimenting with new tastes, textures, and motor skills. Breastmilk alone provides adequate nutrition. After age 1, solids become an increasingly important component of a baby's diet, but the transition from needing only breastmilk to needing lots of solids is a gradual one, so don't be surprised if your baby's diet continues to be mostly milk until well after his first birthday.

    My DD barely touched solids until she was around 14-15 months old. We ended up doing baby-led solids because there was no alternative: she would almost never take food off a spoon. She's always been perfectly healthy, meeting her milestones ahead of time and on the high side of the height and weight charts,

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    I feel the same....My DS is 9 months and HATES solids. I've tried everything. His pedi says everything is ok. I still worry especially since he has ALWAYS been in the 50% on weight and at his 9 month appt he dropped to 25%.

    I guess they will eat when they are ready
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    Default Re: not wanting any solids

    My little guy was about 9.5 mos when he became interested in food. I'm sure for him that it had to do with texture. I would try rice cereal because they say that you should start with that (what a joke), but he would gag on it and then refuse it. I'm sure if I offered it to him today he would still gag. He loves stuff he can pick up with his fingers. Little pieces of many things like cheese, bananas, muffin, pancake, cooked carrots or peas, cauliflower or broccoli pieces, things like that. As long as he can pick them up, but they are small enough that he won't choke, he'll eat it. The only mushy things he'll eat are yogourt, ice cream and rice pudding (which isn't really mushy because of the whole rice).

    Have you thought of trying something like that? There are organic rice puffs out there or even cheerios you can try.

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    There are a lot of babies who aren't interested in solids until they are a lot closer to 12mo than 6mo. And they do just fine in the long run. My dd was almost 13mo before she wanted much to do with anything besides me. OTOH, ds was grabbing stuff off my fork at 5.5mo.

    And they are now both adults who seem to have turned out to be reasonably well-adjusted and productive citizens. My grandson (almost 10mo, but was 8w early) likes to try lots of bits of table food, but isn't usually doesn't swallow much of it. Gums it for a while (no teeth yet) and then either spits it back out or "saves it for later," as my daughter says, as she goes fishing for it!


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