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    I'd like to see more reviews from mamas here on the forum. A couple of mamas have recommended it to me for increasing my supply for pumping purposes, but I want to stress that I don't actually have a low milk supply. It's just perfectly in tune with DD, just enough and not much extra for pumping. It's suggested that the capsules need to be taken 4 times per day, but I wonder if it's the same for every woman. Could I possibly get the results I need with just twice a day, for example? How successful have you been with it?

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    For the More Milk Plus, the herbs must be in your system to help support lactation. Women under 175 lbs. you should take 4 capsules per day for at least the first week. Then if your milk supply is at the level that you want you can decrease a dose per day for the next week. If it is still enough decrease to two doses per day. You body needs thefull suport of the herbs before you can begin to decrease. But there is no reason to take the full dose all the time if you don't need it. I know several women that take it just once per day, but they started at 4 times per day and slowly cut back. Hope that helps.

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