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Thread: weaning from pump and drying up milk

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    Hi girls, I need some help with weaning off the pump and drying up milk. Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but here goes. I have a 5 week old. She would not take to the breast at birth so I have been pumping and refrigerating and freezing. I have a good bit in the refrigerator and 97 3-oz bags in the freezer. I am going back to work soon and would like to stop breastfeeding/pumping all together. I'm not able to pump at all at work. I have a fairly decent supply that I'm trying to dry up. I was pumping every 3 hrs and am now down to every 6-8 hrs. I currently pump 4x a day. I usually get about 24 oz per day.

    I just want to make sure I'm going about this right, because I'm not seeing much of a decrease and it's been a week. I have extended my time in between pump sessions to 6-8 hrs in between them. I pretty much wait to pump until my breast feel very full, then I pump about 3oz out of each breast for comfort. (If I were to empty the breast entirely I would get around 6-10 oz total for both breasts) I also use the cabbage leaves 2-3x a day to help dry up my supply. I just want to know if this is the right way to go about drying up my supply, and is there anything else I should be doing? When should I cut bcak more? I only have a few more weeks before I go back to work.

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    lessen the time you pump (if you are pumping for 15 min, decrease to 10 min, etc.)....from what I understand this is more effective than waiting long hours in duration and pumping to completely empty the breast - this makes your body think it needs to make more milk.
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    Thanks so much for the reply! That does make more sense.

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    There are other things you can try to help your milk supply dry up. Putting green cabbage leaves on your breasts may help, eating peppermint or sage (or things that contain these), and certain cold medications can affect your supply.

    The important thing is to take it slow, so that you're not battling plugged ducts and/or mastitis as you go through this.
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    Pump for fewer minutes being sure to leave milk in the breast (sounds like you're doing that already). This tells your body to produce less as what's being produced isn't being used.

    If you're already going six to eight hours, it may be uncomfortable and inconvenient, but will you be able to make it through a work day without pumping? You could pump some off before you leave and when you get home (or at lunch/after work if you have a long commute). You might want to make a backup plan for some relief pumping just in case you're not totally dried up once you go back to work. I am...
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