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Thread: Giving them tastes before 6mo... is that ok?

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    Default Re: Giving them tastes before 6mo... is that ok?

    Just be careful what you give to the baby. Their digestive system isn't equipped to handle foods like that until they are around 5-6 months old. So, what you may think is an allergy could actually be the baby's inability to digest what you have fed him/her.I would talk to your pedi.

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    Default Re: Giving them tastes before 6mo... is that ok?

    Interesting viewpoints. I think it does have a role in the history of allergies in the family too now.

    My parents told me I was allergic to cow's milk formula (I came from the age when bottle feeding was the norm), and so I was given soy based stuff instead. Then my mom said I had problems with eggs when i was really young too.

    My son hadn't shown any obvious signs of allergies. But there is a rash I first thought was just heat rash that appeared on his face and legs, then his chest during the time I was still on ML, at home, excusively BFing him. Nothing else.

    When I started to work, we started to supplement with a bit of formula (because I couldn't pump very much) . He seemed to be okay with the cow milk based formula mixed in with my EBM (3 parts EBM, 1 part F.. if not half and half). Of course, now I'm reading here that I didn't really need to supplement him as the 8-10 ounces I had been pumping during the day would have sufficed. -_-

    All the same.. it seems like he's really reacting to something now (and all I have been feeding him has been breast milk - no solid food tasting - with the formula supplement when I'm away at work ...but I'll make a new thread on that topic.

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