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Thread: Its been 5 days since she bit

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    Default Its been 5 days since she bit

    And I'm still in a lot of pain. She has bit 3 other times but they've always stopped hurting after two days. Maybe it's just because it's deeper...I have a small gash, it's not oozing puss or anything, it's red and probably a bit swollen. I've been faithfully keeping lanolin and bm on it. Hmm. How long does it take to get better? I've looked all over and found ways to help it get better but I didn't think it would take this long. Another problem is it's my champion producer breast. If I don't feed her on that side she's not going to be eating much more than a couple ounces. It hurts for at least 5 minutes during the feeding and it's nearly unbearable the first minute. If you have a minute and can just let me know how long your bites took to heal I'd appreciate it very much. Thanks!
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    Default Re: Its been 5 days since she bit

    When mine got a bit infected (sounds like you might have a bit of infection, too, with the redness), it took about a week. You might talk to an IBCLC about what you can use on it or talk to your dr. about it to help it heal just in case it is infected.
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