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Thread: Neosporin Safe on Nipples?

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    I went to the ObGyn for a persistent nipple problem yesterday. (We've already tried Nystatin for Thrush and an antibiotic if it was bacterial and nothing changed.) The ObGyn told me to apply neosporin to my nipples and then wash them with soap and water before I nurse. This sounded strange to me. I'm going to call a dermatologist today. This will be the THIRD doctor I am visiting about this.

    (My nipples look like little craters have been dug out around them. They are very red and uncomfortable. They bleed when I nurse No one has been able to diagnose the problem yet.)

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    I'm sorry your having a hard time
    how old is baby?

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    heres a great page on healing nipples:

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    I'm not sure about the safety of Neosporin, but My LC recommended Bacitracin as being safe for cracked nipples. She also suggested mixing the Bacitracin with an equal amount of 1% Hydrocortisone cream, to reduce inflammation. HTH!

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    Oh man, that sounds rough mama
    I would encourage you to see or talk to a Lactation Consultant with IBCLC credentials. They have a lot of experience with breastfeeding mothers and have seen a lot of nipples!
    Have you had pain latching? Has it seemed to stem from a bite, or a crack?
    Has anyone said anything about thrush or a bacterial infection? What have you guys done so far that's helped or not helped?
    Sorry so many questions!

    Breastmilk itself has antibodies in it, so letting that air dry on your nipples can help and that's definitely safe for baby!
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    When we started I had them same busted nipple problem. A LC suggested an equal part mix of neosporin,hydrocortisone & an antifungal cream. It worked as long as I pumped only on the damaged breast. Definitly wash it off , neo has antibiotics in your LO doesn't need.
    We have been for 4 months after a painful start! I have to say that it is all worth it! We are also cloth gDiapering our bambino

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