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Thread: Can I use a manual for this?

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    Default Can I use a manual for this?

    Hi all!!

    I am an EP-er, I am using the Medela PISA, and it's great, but I've been eyeing the Medela Harmony lately ...

    I am thinking of doing the following: keep using the PISA all the time, but have the Harmony to throw in the car when I go to an errand/doc appt that MAY go longer than expected (so, as backup, because this has been happening a lot lately, and I'm tired of skipping pumping sessions) ...

    Secondly, I'd like to keep it by the bed for a midnight pumping session. I am currently NOT doing a midnight pumping session, I'm sure it would help my supply if I did, but I can't use the PISA in the room with DH, so I figured a manual might be the answer??

    Please let me know if I am expecting too much of a manual pump!
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    With my first baby (born in 1988), I only had a manual pump. I did not know that there were electric pumps.

    I worked part-time and pumped for one year with that manual pump. I only pumped a few times a day because I nursed when I was not at work.

    What would be the harm in giving it a try?

    Good luck!
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    Default Re: Can I use a manual for this?

    Shouldn't be an issue. I work full-time & pump 3x's/day with a manual. It's been great & no supply loss. I'm pumping much more this time than after DD1 and I had an electric then.
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    Default Re: Can I use a manual for this?

    Those sound like great uses for a manual pump! The middle of night pumpings are exactly what I use my Harmony for. I keep my PIS downstairs and keep my Harmony in our upstairs bathroom. When I pump in the middle of the night I use the Harmony since it's quiet. I don't see any downside to actually ADDING a pumping session - it will only help matters! Manual pumps are ideally used for occasional pumping and missed pumping sessions, although as lots of moms have said, they can work for full time pumping too.
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    Default Re: Can I use a manual for this?

    That sounds like a good use for a manual.

    I know that the manual works well for some moms even full-time, but I have a good friend who was pumping at work. She had a hospital grade pump that she was renting but didn't want to carry it to work. She brought a manual pump and ended up with mastitis. She brought the electric from then on.

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