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Thread: ouch! DD bit me good!

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    Default ouch! DD bit me good!

    I'm in a bit of pain today as yesterday Tessa chomped down on my left nip with her teeth! (She has 6 teeth, 4 on top, 2 on bottom). She got me good too; the nip got caught between the top & bottom teeth. It was all DH's fault too because he was distracting her and that's when she'll get lazy with her latch. Today, the nip is cracked & red on the side. It really hurts. I've been putting Lanisoh on it but it doesn't seem to help much. I hope this heals. I am in agony nursing on the left side now. No wonder women complain so much about cracked & bleeding nipples in the beginning; I really lucked out and had none of that when I began breastfeeding. It hurts like hell though! Any suggestions to help it heal faster?

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    try rubbing a bit of breastmilk on it too, it's very healing. I feel your pain too - my dd has 4 teeth & I've been there...
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    and still going...

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