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Thread: nursing through teething

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    Default nursing through teething

    I know there are probably a ton of questions on teething. I've tried sifting through them but I can't seem to find what I'm looking for.
    My 4 month old seems to be teething. She's chomping on her fist, and tongue. Sucking her tongue and lips in and out - over the gums or so she makes kissy faces... I've tried teething rings, cold wet face cloths, my fingers, etc. I can sometimes soothe the pain a bit.

    What I'm looking for now is ways to encourage her to eat when it seems that the latch irritates her gums. She gets extremely angry when she tries to eat. I'm afraid she's not eating enough. She's obviously hungry, but then it hurts so she doesn't eat. What can I do? It's almost 1:30 in the afternoon now and she hasn't really eaten since about 8am!! (I've managed to get SOME (a couple of min of off and on the breast) into her because I keep trying, but she hasn't had a proper meal.

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    Default Re: nursing through teething

    I give dd some crushed ice in a mesh feeder at night when her teething is the worst before she nurses to sleep. You could also try frozen breast milk in one- like a momsicle You might also try teething tablets if you haven't already, they're homeopathic/non medicated, so can combine with other things too. And infant tylenol helps too esp if the pain is bad enough to affect her eating. HTH.
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    my little girl is going exactly through the same thing - she's only eating 5 minutes at a time!

    i have been giving her camilia for teething pain, it's a homeopathic remedy that works instantly; i give it to her in 1ml viles
    also, whenever she seems to be in pain while she's nursing, i try to change the position, and sometimes it gets better

    last night she was in pain a lot and i just put her in bed with me and nursed all night basically - she won't take a soother but she definitely likes to nibble on my boobs for comfort

    good luck!

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