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Thread: Baby not pooping.. is this normal?

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    Default Baby not pooping.. is this normal?

    Hi ladies. I've been breastfeeding, but had to start supplementing with formula a week ago due to poor weight gain and a starving baby. I'm trying to build my supply by pumping, taking fenugreek, etc. The next step may be Reglan. However, until my supply builds we've had to supplement about half of his feedings with formula (we are using Similac Organic). Since then, my baby (who will be one month on Saturday) is not pooping. He had gone 48 hours without a bowel movement. We had a dr. appt anyway... so the doctor inserted a little tube and just played around a bit. He had a HUGE bowel movement about 2 hours later. It was yellowish and watery... didn't look hard or constipated. Now it's been nearly 48 hours again and he still hasn't pooped. Should I switch formulas? Is this from the mixture of breast and formula milk? I don't know what to do! Any remedies to help him to poo? I have been doing massage and gave him a warm bath.

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    With a just breastfed baby around week 6 there is often a drastic change in the timing of bowel movements. This also can occur earlier around 4 weeks. With the addition of formula however I can't say as this isn't my area of expertise!
    The consistency sounds good though, constipation is hard and dry. Does your doctor seemed concerned about it? Definitely ask him about different formulas and which would be right for your LO.
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    Default Re: Baby not pooping.. is this normal?

    My LO pooped many times/day in the beginning, but then started going up to 7 days without pooping. When he did go, it was normal. Apparently this is normal for breastfed babies. Even if you are giving a little formula, two days seems reasonable. Sounds like the doctor managed to stimulate his bowels.

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